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ESL Classes help learners develop English skills in an environment of fellowship and faith.

How can improving my English help me?

Learning English can expand opportunities for employment, education, service, and friendship.
Many newcomers to Canada face obstacles to learning English including cost, distance, time, self-doubt, and access to resources.

Our English Conversation and Training Classes provide a unique opportunity for residents of Canada to enhance their English speaking and understanding.

What We Offer

FREE English Learning Courses

Come and join any of our classes for free! Course materials can be accessed online for free. Paper copies are $5, by request.

World-Class Courses

Our world-Class courses are provided to help you develop English skills in an environment of fellowship and faith.

Drop-In Classes

Our conversational based learning can benefit Beginner, Foundation and Intermediate English levels.

Personalized Learning

We adjust our teaching to meet your needs! Our teachers are all dedicated to helping you improve.

English Gospel Study

The end of all our classes consist of an optional 10 minute Gospel message. These messages are provided to encourage students to exercise faith in Jesus Christ as they learn English.

Our Programs

Our world-class courses are designed to help learners take responsibility for
their own learning and work together to achieve their goals.

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Online Classes

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Serving Residents

Group of students learning in classroom

Our conversational based learning can benefit beginner, foundation and intermediate English levels designed to foster fellowship and faith to help achieve your English learning goals together.

Senior Indian woman learning how to use digital tablet and laptop

Learners can receive one on one mentoring during the week following each class.  Mentoring includes vocabulary and conversation practice as well as a spiritual discussion in English.

Why choose us

Improve your conversational English with us

We have a number of Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino speaking teachers who are also native English speakers.​

The course we provide is great for anyone from Beginners to Intermediate learners looking to attend weekly classes and have mentors practice “1 on 1” during the week between classes.

Once you enroll in a class, you’ll learn from native English speakers and access world-class online courses for free. Optional materials are $5.


Join hundreds of other happy ESL students!

Kevin moved to Canada from China, and with the help of ESL he was able to improve his English and make new friends!

Meet Gustavo from Guadalajara, Mexico. He gained more confidence and learned to express himself in English thanks to our free ESL programs.

Michelle and Alvaro had a hard time communicating with others when they moved to Canada. But with the help of FREE ESL classes, they have improved their English and are able to continue learning online.

Looking To Learn Or Improve Your English?

Register for FREE English classes in British Columbia today and join hundreds of happy students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Check out our FAQ

When do classes start?

We hope to get in-person classes started as soon as Covid-19 conditions permit. For now, we offer online group classes weekly, which you are welcome to join at any time, as long as there are spots available. One on one mentoring may be available to group class attendees if spots are available.

What happens once I sign-up?

You will get contacted by a teacher in your area confirming the class and level you signed up for. They will then enroll you in a class.

Is the English course actually free?

Yes, it is. Anyone can attend our classes for FREE, in-person (COVID-19 Guidelines permitting) or virtually. All course materials are provided for free electronically. Optional student booklets at $5.

What should I expect In the course?

We help learners develop English skills in an environment of fellowship and faith. We will have several in-person classes around Western Canada when it is safe to do so! Classes are an hour and a half (7:00pm-8:30pm)

Who are the course teachers?

We are Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! What is a Missionary? We are 18-21 year old volunteers for our church! We take 1.5-2 years of our life to leave home and serve those around us! Every once in a while we will have a member of our church in the area to assist in teaching the classes.

Do I have to be a member of the church to enroll?

No! We welcome all faiths and backgrounds to join the ESL classes. All students are welcome to leave before we start our gospel message at the end of class.

Are all the Teachers Native or Very Fluent English Speakers?

Yes. Most of us are from Canada or the United States. Some teachers speak Spanish, Tagalog, and Chinese.

Is there any Course Certificate I receive Upon Completion?

All of our ESL classes are conversation classes. There are no certificates offered.

What if I can't make it to my online or in person class?

Because we have very big wait lists of people wanting to enroll, we ask that all students inform their teacher if they cannot make it to a class. If you miss 4 classes a month without notifying your teacher, you will unfortunately lose your seat which will be given to someone on the wait list. You would have to re-enroll in order to continue classes.

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